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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 18, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, aerial assault. dallas doubling its efforts overnight. more planes, more pesticides dropped directly on one of the country's biggest cities, all to stop the worst west nile outbreak in the nation ever. breakfast warning, a deadly salmonella strain linked to cantaloupes. two deaths. more than 140 people sick. the trail leads through 20 states. what you need to know. dramatic steps. gas prices surge higher. now the white house is considering releasing oil from the strategic reserve. will it happen? and will it ease your pain at the pump? the billionaire and the bozo. it was a shocking crime. steve jobs' home robbed. why is this clown at the center of it all? this morning, kenny the clown speaks out. ♪ if there's a smile on my
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face ♪ hey, good morning, america. in nonkenny the clown news, we have a lot of politics. >> front and center. >> this is a big day. >> it is a big day today. front and center this morning. mitt romney under fire for his taxes. and now paul ryan, his running mate, releasing two years of his. we'll tell you what they reveal and how his mother is getting into the debate today. she'll be out campaigning and for a very calculated reason. >> mother and son on the campaign trail today in florida. also, look at this video. two sisters trapped inside this car. those people trying to get them out, they're all complete strangers. 30 of them risking their own lives. we're going to hear from them coming up. >> talking about the kindness of strangers. a new twist in a story you were telling us yesterday on "gma." a story that got so many people fired up. a german shepherd rescued from atop a colorado mountain after
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his owner abandoned him. now the owner is in the middle of a custody battle with the hikers that saved the dog. but the twist this morning, the law is stepping in. we they've come down on. >> the picture of that dog being carried down in a backpack is indelible. unforgettable. we're going to start with the overnight air raids on dallas. the target of the over night raids? the bugs. the west nile virus has killed ten people so far. abc meteorologist ginger zee is on the story. good morning to you, ginger. >> reporter: a warm winter and standing water. a perfect breeding ground for the west nile virus in texas. the weather is affecting the battle against the disease, too. for the second night in a row, weather grounded the planes. engaged in the aerial assault. overnight, the war on the west nile virus doubled in size. two more planes added to the fleet tasked with spraying more than 100,000 acres of land in
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dallas county. the target? mosquitos. responsible for the nation's worst ever outbreak of west nile virus. half the cases are in the dallas area, home to 2.5 million. the outbreak has already left ten dead. and more than 200 ill. >> it's killing people. that's enough. you don't need to know any more. >> reporter: this is the first time in almost a half century that dallas county has taken to the air to spray pesticides. a method that has some residents on edge. >> we went ahead and covered their part of in the yard, too, as well as the area that my daughter plays in, just to be extra safe. >> reporter: others are more concerned about the mosquitos than the chemicals used to kill them. >> i don't want anybody to get this. so if it means that they have to go and spray from the air, do it. >> reporter: spraying will resume tonight. officials hoping the virus-carrying mosquitos get the
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message. don't mess can texas. so far, the cdc says there are almost 700 reported cases of the west nile virus across 43 states. that's the highest number of cases reported since records kept. >> thank you, ginger. let's check the overnight headlines with mr. ron claiborne. ron, good morning. >> dan, how's it going this morning? how is jake? >> he's adorable. >> tell him hi. >> i will. i will. we begin with a growing outbreak of salmonella in cantaloupe. two people have died and at least 140 have been sickened. the outbreak has spread to at least 20 states. >> reporter: authorities are trying to find out where the fruit is being sold. as a precaution, officials in indiana and kentucky are urging people to throw out any cantaloupes they have bought recently. the outbreak spread to 20 states. it began early in july with cantaloupes grown at a farm in indiana. since then, 140 people have been sick. officials in kentucky are saying
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they've seen double the number os cases that they normally get. you'll remember last year, a listeria outbreak from cantaloupe in colorado killed 30 people. fire warnings in place today for parts of the west already ravaged by wildfires. dozens of large wildfires are burning out of control, fueled by drought. hundreds of people that were forced from their homes in washington state and california were allowed to return to their homes on friday. we showed you this house in washington yesterday which miraculously survived the fires. we tracked down the owners. >> when we left, i -- for every practical reason the house should have burned down. god is good. meanwhile, some residents in central idaho were told to e vat wait late friday because of growing fires in that state. wall street finished higher
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for the sixth straight week. the dow added 25 points. on positive news from retailers. but unemployment rose in 44 states last month as hiring remains weak and more people started to look for work. doctors are calling this a miracle. a construction worker in brazil survived a metal bar piercing his skull. this is pretty grim. the beam fell from a sixth floor of a building. it went through his hard hat, entering the back of his head and exiting between his eyes. he was awake when he got to the hospital and told doctors what happened. and apparently is showing no ill effects after surgery to remove that. amazing. a new study finds, listen to this one, that men are bad influences on their wives. this is weird. at least when it comes to drinking alcohol. researchers found that married women generally drink more heavily than other women.
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while their husbands drink less than other men. the researchers reached the interesting conclusion that this is because women help keep their husband's drinking under control while the married men are a bad influence on their wives. this is open to a lot of interpretation. >> we have a lot of responsibilities, us married women. >> that reminds me to pick up a case of beer on the way home. >> so your wife can drink it, right? >> no, we're not advocating that. >> kidding, kidding. >> thanks, ron. now to the pain we're all feeling at the pump. gas prices spiked nearly 40 cents in just the past month. with some estimates predicting that 2012 may be the most expensive year ever to drive in the united states. now the white house is considericonside considering drastic measures. would tapping into the oil reserve relieve pressure at the pump? john schriffen has more from chicago. good morning, john. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. no one is feeling the pain at the pump more than drivers right
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here in chicago. paying the highest price on average in the country at $4.65. at the beginning of the summer, analysts predicted we could see $5 around the country. then we saw around the country spots popping up at just under $3. now the trend has reversed. we could be on pace for the most expensive year at the pump ever. you think the price of gas has gone up in your neighborhood, you're not alone. in the last two weeks in washington, it went from $3.67 to $3.93. that's an increase of 26 cents a gallon. california, it's up 27 cents to $4.10. and in oregon, the price has risen a whopping 29 cents a gallon. >> it's difficult to go long distances. can't afford it. >> reporter: what's caused the unpleasant end-of-summer surprise? refinery outnajs the midwest. rising crude oil costs, and rising ethanol costs due to drought.
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the white house is considering releasing some of the country's strategic oil reserves. to bring down the price of gas and put pressure on iran. >> a release of the strategic petroleum reserve is an option that is on the table. >> we could use all resources to bring gas prices down, why not? >> reporter: but patrick from does not agree. >> it's supposed to be used in times of war or real disruptions in oil supplies. that way, we wouldn't see a shock in oil prices. it's not supposed to be used to bring down the price of oil without disruption. >> reporter: yet, many we talked to, especially with families, think this could be the good news they were looking for. >> that would make me happy. i could buy more things for my kids. >> reporter: but there is some good news for drivers. according to our expert from, as the summer comes to an end, demand for gasoline goes down. it becomes cheaper to produce gasoline. we could see prices fall by mid to late september, dan. >> good to hear. john schriffen, thank you.
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we're now seven days into the newly minted romney-ryan ticket. and is snark and sniping is hitting new levels. it's "your voice, your vote." the latest? paul ryan has just released two years of tax returns. it has team obama asking, what about romney's returns? david kerley is at the white house with the latest this morning. david, i gotta ask you, does the obama campaign really think they're going to be able to cajole romney into releasing five years of tax returns? >> reporter: they think they can keep the issue alive, dan. that's what they're trying to do. they're going to continue to do so as well. what they did yesterday was send a letter to romney and say, give us five years of your returns that's three more -- and we won't ask for any more returns. the romney campaign said no, we followed the law, we're not going to do anything further. this will stay in the news. romney has to release last year's return once it's completed. when that comes up, it all gets talked about again. the obama campaign wants to keep talking about mitt romney, he's not like you. he's a multimillionaire.
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that's the issue they want to frame around him. >> let's talk about paul ryan. he'll be on the trail in florida with his mom. is this about medicare? >> reporter: oh, i guess so, yeah. his mom is 78 years old. he's going to be in a florida retirement community. he's going to talk about how his plan would not hurt current seniors if his plan or mitt romney's plan was adopted. his mother has a home in florida and is a registered voter in florida. so, yes, this is all about medicare today for paul ryan in florida. >> he released his returns. what do they show? >> reporter: they show he paid 20% in taxes last year, more than mitt romney. romney paid 13.9%. ryan paid about 16% the year before. we didn't see everything. he has a trust fund with his wife. we didn't see all their income, all their value. but he did release two of his returns. as romney said he has done.
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paul ryan had to give more than that to the romney campaign but he's not releasing more to the public. >> the people in the building behind you hope to keep the topic on the tax returns. as opposed to the unemployment rate. thank you, david. over to you, bianna. the epic fail on wall street. facebook stock tumbling further. now worth half of what it was initially offered for. some are questioning if the man in the hoodie, 28-year-old ceo mark zuckerberg is to blame. he's been radio silent about the problems until now. it may be painful. according to multiple sources, those are the first words we have heard from mark zuckerberg since his company's disastrous ipo three months ago. and the pain is spreading. the 28-year-old mogul now under growing pressure to turn his stock around. one headline -- is zuckerberg in over his hoodie? >> he's come up in front of the whole company, he said we know this is painful for you. you can talk about this. and we want you to have faith. >> reporter: the pain he
8:13 am
referenced, this brutal stock slide. from its initial offering of $38 to its closing price on friday, $19.07. and some see his casual dress, even when meeting with investors, as a sign he's not serious enough. he may come out the biggest loser. since may, he's lost millions of shareholder friends and some $9 billion in personal wealth. >> let's do this. >> reporter: on the day his company became the third largest ipo in history. he posted this photo of a poster saying stay focused, keep shipping, on his facebook page. but with more analysts questioning his leadership ability, the pressure to keep morale high among his employees are rising. >> people in their heads think they're worth a lot more money initially than they end up worth.
8:14 am
that can be an emotional thing for people. i can't imagine that it isn't scary when you thought you had enough money to buy a house and all of a sudden you don't. >> and dan, another big loser out of all of this? the state of california had been expecting to take in so much mo tax revenue from this ipo and they continue to miss their estimates. >> the biggest loser, zuckerberg, $9 billion. >> he's still got a few million. don't fool too sarry -- feel too sorry for him. he's still got a few millions left. a new twist this morning. this face right here. this is misty, marooned on the top of a mountain. abandoned by her owner. then rescued by a group of total strangers. a bitter custody battle was brewing. now come criminal charges. anthony ortelanni, seen here with his dog in a loving embrace, event eventually left her hanging on for her life. the 29-year-old who abandoned his dog on a mountain two weeks
8:15 am
ago in -- is now charged with animal cruelty. >> it could be losing the animal to fines and/or jail time if the court deems so. >> reporter: he says his dog suffered multiple injuries while hiking and he was unable to carry her down on his own. a week later, she was found bloody and alone. >> she was laying there. she was barely moving at all. >> reporter: at 14,000 feet, scott and amanda found misty and they had no way of getting her down. they posted her picture and location online. >> we got tons and tons of phone calls. they started rolling in. people wanting to help. >> reporter: and the next day, seven volunteers, mostly strangers, raced up the mountain to save the battered dog. in this unforgettable image, they gingerly loaded misty into a backpack and carried her down the mountain. >> when she was brought into the clinic, she had major cuts and lacerations to all four legs and feet.
8:16 am
>> reporter: anthony found out about the rescue and pleaded for sympathy in an online forum. i humbly beg the forgiveness of the community and most of all, my misty girl. the community was not buying it. >> he made absolutely no effort to save her after that. he just threw her away. he left her to die. >> reporter: now the sheriff's office has filed a criminal charge. meanwhile, the dog is healing and will hopefully hike another day. >> she's doing very well. the doctor says she'll make a full recovery. >> so great to hear that. as misty con valuelesses at the vet's office, it is unclear where she will ultimately go to live. we hear that decision may take months. >> i think i would have more sympathy for the owner had he gone and sought help like the other people did. >> he said he thought she died. >> good she didn't. time for the weather and ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> good morning, everyone. i want to start with some video out of california.
8:17 am
some mudslides and things happening because of flash flooding. this is about 75 miles south and east of los angeles. a place called forest falls. the thunderstorm activity is all with monsoonal flow. it is going to continue not only for southern california, there through phoenix, tucson, flagstaff, slightly cooler. it will be a messy day in the west. it's been a messy week in the pacific northwest due to the fires. they've added humidity. with it comes some gusty winds. red flag warnings in the deep red. the orange? fire watches extending into other states, parts of montana, idaho, and others. i want to focus in on a third threat of the day. severe weather from oklahoma city to dallas and jackson, all along this stationary front. and look at this. wilmington and norfolk, you have a pocket there as well. we're talking wind and an
8:18 am
outside chance of a tornado. watch your local abc stations. finally, look at this. tropical storm helene. we haven't heard too much from the tropics. making landfall and shouldn't affect texas too much. remember the front i just showed you? it will smush together and bring more rain to south texas than they would have had. finally waking up, so refreshing. are you seeing the numbers? 54 in duluth this morning. 52 fargo, des moines in the low to mid-50s as well.
8:19 am
>> one of my favorite weekends in chicago, the air and water show this weekend. i want to show you a picture. this is from this week. kind of like a foreshadow. it kind of looks like a bird, right? >> like a drone. >> and a scary sky in southwest michigan. a shelf cloud. that's what we call that. i get a lot of pictures from chicago and michigan because that's where i have worked before. now i work for everybody. let's send them in from all over the nation. please, help me out. >> it's maizing to see the low numbers in the midwest. waking up to the 50s after haul that heat. >> fargo and des moines, refreshing places to be. now to a dramatic story of courage in the face of crisis. two sisters trapped inside a fiery car wreck on an interstate and the strangers who come to their rescue. ron has the story. >> the situation was horrific. it seemed hopeless.
8:20 am
one witness said the women's car engine was engulfed in flames and he could hear their screams as the flames got closer and closer. it was then that a group of truck drivers and motorists went into action. when this car went up in flames with two passengers inside, strangers came to the rescue. >> i just yelled, i need a knife. >> reporter: almost 30 people rushed to the rescue. along interstate 10 in mississippi. >> i opened up the door and i got her sister out. and another gentleman got her wheelchair and we brought her up to the road. >> reporter: navy second class petty officer melissa estes breaks the back window of the vehicle and cuts the seat belt, releasing the passenger, giovanna, who was handicapped. >> i went around to the driver's side. she was unssconscious at the ti. >> reporter: the driver is her older sister. she regains consciousness. >> she was pinned by the steering wheel. no one could get her out.
8:21 am
>> reporter: the rescuers risk their own lives. the suv could explode at any moment. >> the flames were getting higher and higher. >> reporter: then, just in time, a cement mixer shows up with water on board. someone has a crowbar. >> they got her out and rescued her. >> she was yelling and crying and being hysterical. >> reporter: associated press photographer gerald herbert captures the rescue. >> there's no way that woman would have lived if not for the actions of everyone there. >> reporter: felicidad was transported to a nearby hospital. she's in stable condition. the photographer who took those photos only started shooting after he ran up the interstate for half a mile, gathering a kind of posse of truck drivers and leading them along the breakdown lane to where the car was on fire. the truckers used the fire extinguishers to douse the woman inside to keep the fire off her
8:22 am
until the cement truck arrived with the water. it was amazing and quick thinking. it looks bad. they're going to be okay. >> i love the combination of heroism and journalism. >> made for a great story. thanks, ron. coming up on "good morning america" on this saturday morning -- the stunning sentence at the trial of the high school teacher accused of having sex, group sex with her students. and the surprising witness for the defense at the teacher's trial. her husband. his emotional testimony coming up. plus, the billionaire and the bozo. how did this clown end up at the center of a brazen robbery at the family home of steve jobs? he ended up with his personal ipad. kenny the clown is speaking out this morning. also coming up, michael phelps under fire for this picture. was he breaking olympic rules here and is he in hot water? and we'll turn to the silly side of politics this morning. there's been a bounty out for a picture of paul ryan shirtless. now one has been found. we'll talk about that coming up.
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we tell them that mommy did some bad things and made some bad choices. and that there's a possibility that mommy might have to go away. >> an emotional plea from a husband who was truly betrayed. while overseas in iraq, his wife not only cheats on him, she does it with high school students at the school where she's a teacher. why is he defending her? and he's not the only person in her defense. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. a lot of pain this that husband's eyes. >> yes. and a harsh sentence. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris. it's saturday, august 18th. a truly bizarre and deliciously odd story. how did this guy, kenny the clown, get caught up in the middle of the investigation of the brazen burglary at the home
8:31 am
of steve jobs? >> he looks so sweet. >> he claims he's innocent. also this morning, these photos have the swimmer michael phelps in hot water. they violate an olympic rule. could he be stripped of the six medals he won at the olympics? we'll tell you about that. >> coming up in just a few minutes. we're going to start with the trial in texas. a high school teacher, wife, and mother of three, on her way to prison right now. brittni colleps had group sex with five or her students, four of them from the football team. more surprising here, the man coming to her defense? her husband. abc's john muller is on the story this morning. good morning, sir. >> reporter: good morning. no one is defending the shocking behavior. the question is, does the crime fit the punishment? texas law prohibits inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. so there is wrong doing here. but the students were legally adults. is this a prison-worthy offense? the judge said yes. >> five years. we do not recommend community supervision. >> reporter: five years, no parole for the high school
8:32 am
english teacher guilty of a texas law prohibiting inappropriate relations with students. shed a sex with five of them, all 18 years of age. four of them football players. she did it while her husband was away, serving in iraq. he wept on the stand. but in a surprise twist, stood by his woman. >> i love her with every part of my heart, with every ounce of my being. >> reporter: her husband begging for leniency for their three children's sake. >> i'm asking you to give her probation. >> why? >> because it's not mine or my children's fault. >> reporter: then an appeal from brittni colleps' mother. >> i'm asking you to have mercy for her kids. cause they need their mom. >> reporter: at issue, should she go to prison for having sex
8:33 am
with 18-year-olds who were legally of age. three testified she did nothing wrong. >> you were excited to be there. you would that be fair to say? >> yes, ma'am. >> you were happy to be there is that right? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: the teacher's own attorney saying it was not statutory rape. and the boys played their part. >> these were not boys. these were not children. these were grown men who connived, conspired, and worked with each other to be with this woman. >> reporter: but in the end, it was prison. prosecutors saying the sentence was just. she violated rules teachers must abide by. >> you can't have people like her looking to find -- find her sexual enjoyment in schools. >> reporter: all right. so technically, the judge could have put her away for life if he gave her the maximum. you could make the argument that
8:34 am
five years is a lenient sentence. don't tell that to brittni or her family. >> texas justice. >> reporter: texas justice. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> time to check the morning headlines again. good morning, everyone. weather grounded planes making an aerial assault on mosquitos in the dallas area. for the second night in a row. the planes are dropping pesticides trying to stop the worst west nile outbreak in the nation ever. ten people have died so far. a warning for anyone who eats cantaloupe. a salmonella outbreak that started on an indiana farm has now spread to 20 states. two people have been killed. more than 140 made sick by the tainted fruit. the obama administration is clearing out more than $500 million in highway funds. making the money available to states that promise to create jobs and improve transportation. states must say how they will use the money by october. finally, target practice today for nasa's mars rover curiosity. it will test its laser today zapping a rock. the laser is one of the tools they'll use to study whether mars could support life.
8:35 am
it is time now for the weather here on earth. over to ginger zee. >> good morning, everybody. it's a rainy start in boston. that's the picture i want to show you first. as we begin or saturday. it will be light rain as you're getting going in boston. south of the city, severe weather overnight. really heavy rain in dallas as well. the two cities, connected this morning, by a front. that's the picture from dallas as the sun was coming up. you had heavy rains. we'll have more as you go into the weekend. let me show you how much to isle i'll put this into motion. the boston area, just a little bit more. that half-inch rain. look at areas that need i had. oklahoma city and westward. that is where you'll have the most. some spots that need rain will get it with the connected front across much of the nation. behind that front, the cool air. a blast. look at the numbers here. boston, 77 today, 79 on monday. philadelphia, 80s and comfortable. slightly below average.
8:36 am
i'll leave you with a look across the nation. >> this weather report has been brought to you by pedigree. dan and bianna? >> excited about the cooldown. really excited. >> it felt good this morning. >> it does. you can breathe. >> thank you, ginger. it also means you don't have to cover anymore heat stories. coming up, kenny the clown. how did he end up with an ipad belonging to steve jobs? and michael phelps holds an olympic record 22 medals. a leaked photo is now putting that record in jeopardy. d photo is now putting that record in jeopardy. have gum disease, e age oe and that tartar buildup can be a contributing factor? now there's a solution. doggie dentures. [ ting! ]
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and get everything you need to set up your whole home free for 6 months. now's the best time to switch to life on fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ♪ the tears of a clown oh, that's why we're playing that music all this morning. >> hello, a little smokey. >> sorry, a little sleepy. >> police have tracked down steve jobs' ipad. they tracked down the clown who had it.
8:41 am
we mean that literally. his name is kenny the clown. >> he says he didn't steal it. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it's the story of a billionaire. a breakin. and a bozo? >> welcome to silliness. >> reporter: okay, technically, kenny the clown. aka kenneth kohn. a familiar face on the streets of san francisco. >> it's really bizarre and if it weren't tragic, it would be comic. >> reporter: it all began when kenny's friend, kareem, allegedly busted into the home of apple's late ceo, steve jobs. his family was away. the home was being renovated. the thief got away with diamond earrings. a necklace from tiffany's. even pocketing jobs' wallet. and then there was the ipad that mcfarland allegedly took and gave to kenny to repay a debt.
8:42 am
>> in my wildest dreams, i couldn't imagine being in possession of steve jobs' ipad. >> reporter: but kenny said he had no idea that the ipad was stolen from the most famed computer genius ever. he might have learned his favorite apps, maybe even phone numbers of the rich and famous. >> there's no phone book. i didn't see any information. it was pretty nondescript. i wish i could say it had a beam to the moon. it was an ipad. >> reporter: when kenny tried to use the ipad to go online, he stood out like a giant red nose to investigators who were tracking him. >> the next thing i know, the police are at my front door and i'm giving them the ipad. >> reporter: mcfarland was arrested. he's potentially facing eight years in jail. as for kenny -- >> i'm not smiling right now. >> reporter: he's not only juggling apples but the police, too. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news,
8:43 am
denver. >> he's going for the sad clown thing. >> well, he's in a state of shock. >> it's a disconnect to see a guy with a bright red nose talking in such a sad way. >> i'm sure he was shocked when the copping -- the cops come to your door. good luck to kenny the clown. coming up on "good morning america," michael phelps in deep water. why this picture could ruin his olympic record. picture could ruin his olympic record. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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♪ yes, the techo beat can only mean one thing. it's time for "pop news." we're happy to have our entertainment reporter and host of on the red carpet rachel smith here in new york. we like it better when you're here.
8:48 am
>> i like it here in new york. let's get to it. seems that kristen stewart and robert pattinson won't have awkward encounters at the mtv video music awards. stewart has reportedly pulled out of the show. and will reportedly be out of town. according to reports, pattinson and his former flame were supposed to make an appearance, that was before the news of the cheating scandal. the inevitable run-in won't be put off for much longer because "the twilight saga -- breaking dawn part two" hits the theaters soon. ryan lochte is hoping to strike gold with this catch phrase. >> jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. >> i'm kind of obsessed with this. he applied for a trademark of this word. if he gets it, you could see
8:49 am
jeah plastered on everything. from workout videos to sunglasses, trading cards, and of course, swimsuits. >> you do a very convincing jeah. >> jeah. >> that's very good. we're trying to get ginger to end every forecast with that. >> jeah! >> supposedly, it means good. lochte's friend and rival michael phelps may be in danger of losing some of his medals. he could be in trouble because of this photo shoot. the photos were leaked on the internet last week. it violated the rules of olympic athletes from promoting nonolympic sponsors through the olympic games. phelps and louis vuitton both deny leaking the photos. >> you know who i bet would be angry about that? mama. >> oh, you know. >> mama phelps. >> for sure.
8:50 am
>> not worth a picture in a bathtub. >> no. and moving along. since mitt romney announced paul ryan as his running mate last week, one of the biggest storylines has been about his intense workouts. that has everyone running to break one of the biggest stories of this campaign, a picture of ryan without shirts on. tmz won the race. this is a photo of he and his wife, janet. this photo was taken six years ago, before he got hooked on p-90x. sources tell tmz that his body, which doesn't look bad here by any means, has been transformed and he now has a killer six pack. >> what does that mean for voting? >> the stakes are higher. >> it's a cool thing. >> keep the focus on the news. >> jeah. >> that's yeah. >> yeah. >> jeah. >> thank you, rachel. you brought so much to us including this new catch phrase. i appreciate. it will improve our forecasts
8:51 am
going forward. we'll be right back. >> jeah. going forward. we'll be right back. >> jeah. just one glass equals two servings of fruit. very "fruit-ritious." or try ocean spray light 50, with just 50 calories, a full serving of fruit, and no added sugar. with tasty flavors like cranberry pomegranate and cranberry concord grape, it's like a fruit stand in every bottle. [ splashing ] just, you know, demonstrating how we blend the fruits. ahem. try all our tasty ocean spray 100% and light 50 juices. [ music playing ] [ music playing ]
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so, real quick, before we go. there was an important point that ginger wanted to emphasize. take a listen. >> really? >> jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. jeah. aw, jeah. jeah. >> this will keep playing for a long time. >> i think that's the best one. >> drive you crazy pretty
8:56 am
quickly. >> you try it at home, folks. it will keep you busy throughout the day. meantime, thanks for watching abc news. watch "world news" with david muir later this evening. >> jeah! living with the pain
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